Wizard of Needles provides professional alterations and tailoring in the Vancouver area for women's and men's clothing, including, but not limited to, wedding and evening dresses, jackets, jeans, pants, skirts and shirts.



Wizard of Needles provides alterations for all kinds of men's and women's clothing. If something in your closet isn't fitting you properly, please let us give you a fitting and an estimate. Prices are determined by types of fabrics and construction method of garments.

Here is a short list of what we do. If you don't see the type of alteration or tailoring service you need or you dream of making something very specific and unique, please give us a call or visit our shop. Our tailors will do the best to make your dream come true.

Wedding Dresses

  • Bust alterations
  • Side seams alteration
  • Hem alteration
  • Lace back
  • Veil alterations
  • Straps


  • Shorten at waist from the top
  • Shorten sleeves
  • Taper sleeves
  • Hemming


  • Reduce shoulder
  • Narrow lapel
  • Shorten sleeves
  • Take-in side
  • Lower collar
  • New lining


  • Hemming
  • Taper legs
  • Take-in or let-out waist
  • New zipper
  • New lining
  • New loop


  • Hemming
  • Take-in or let-out waist
  • Taper both sides
  • Shorten waist from the top
  • New elastic


  • Hemming
  • Shorten sleeves
  • Take-in side

Long Coats

  • Shorten sleeves
  • Take-in side
  • Shorten coat
  • New lining


About us

At Wizard of Needles we pride ourselves on quality service for all your clothing alterations and tailoring needs. With over 15 years of experience; backed by our professional guarantee of unparalleled service, competitive prices, and quality craftsmanship, you are sure to be satisfied.

If something you own is too big or too small, we are here to make sure your clothes fit you perfectly. Whether you've purchased a new article of clothing, or whether it's something you already own, we can provide professional fittings and alterations service. We look forward to serving you soon!


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